Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Dear friends, today I was thinking how blessed I am having the opportunity to express myself in art and to share my work with you. Whatever sources of inspiration I've ever had, the truth is: it's your kind words that inspire me most and keep me going. And your attention is the biggest reward for my efforts. When I see your visits on my blog from all over the world, it brightens up my day and fills my heart with warmth. Also, glad to have you following me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I'm amazed at how much credit you give me, and that's what motivates me to improve my skills.

So I'm saying a huge thanks to each of you, and wishing you always be happy and healthy. Have a very joyful holiday season!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Craving for snow

Unbelievable how fast time is flying by! It's winter already and I'm trying my best to feel the holiday season vibe (which personally is so not easy to do when living in a snowless place). Having been raised in the continental part of Russia, I crave for snow every year when the jingle bells start to ring. That being said, here's my top three to boost the holiday mood:

1. Watch "snowy" movies.
2. Go to Pinterest - an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
3. Last, but not least: if you can't have it, paint it!

When I was little, my grandfather would hang self-made bird feeders in front of the kitchen window. The winters were cold so those feeders would get pretty busy. Watching birds kept me entertained for hours, especially when beautiful bullfinches were coming over. They were my very favorite.

Another cute bird that reminds me of snow is Cardinal, which is more common in the US.

Both of these paintings are available on my Etsy shop. It's time to stock up on Christmas gifts! Consider giving original bird art this holiday season!