Friday, November 14, 2014

Walk With A Friend

It used to be my childhood dream to walk through the autumn leaves with a four-footed friend by my side. It's yet to come true, but maybe some dreams are better to stay that way so they always live in our hearts... and in paintings, of course.

Speaking of this watercolor, I'd like to mention my new W&N bamboo brush (Size 12) that came in handy here. I was attracted by its unusual look and, honestly, very cheap price:) Originally designed for Asian ink and watercolor painting, this brush is very helpful in making effortlessly expressive strokes. You can see them especially well in the top right corner of the painting. The only downside for me is that the brush doesn't have spring to it, since the bristles are very soft (look at the photo below). It also sheds a little bit. All in all, I found this brush worth trying out.