Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Big Fall Post

Each year, as sweet autumn days go by, I feel like capturing all their beautiful moments in painting. As usual, most of my inspiration comes from what is around me, especially when the weather is so nice for hanging outside and collecting ideas.

The autumn sun bathes everything with a golden glow, and every single blade of grass seems a perfect creature. Take a look at this dog rose, for example. Don't you think it's begging to be painted?

Of course it is! I painted this 10''x8'' watercolor on Arches paper, using my special fall collection of colors. Although I usually prefer a limited palette, this time I couldn't help but use all 18 of them:) The painting was started wet on wet, in order for colors to blend, then some details were added as the paper was drying out.

My autumn palette includes warm reds, deep blues and natural, earthy browns. In case you wonder, here's the list:

Speaking of colors, here is another thing that brightens the season. Everything gets a cute pumpkin makeover this time of year:) What else pops into my head when I think about fall, is cinnamon gingerbread latte, woolen sweaters, warm apple cider, the aroma of freshly baked goodies, morning mists, rustling of leaves under the feet, dining with candles... Wouldn't it be wonderful to paint all of these and convey all those feelings?

And what are your favorite little things to enjoy in fall?


  1. Fall is a season worth painting. Beautiful watercolor!

  2. ─────────────────────░██░▇▆▅▄▃▂

  3. Hermoso comentario y muy bellas acuarelas, el otoño tiene un colorido especial donde los naranjas y sienas juegan en el revoloteo de las hojas. Muy lindas tus obras!!!Saludos!!

  4. То есть, у Вас есть и зимняя и летняя и весенняя палитры? Вы только Daniel Smithом пишете?

    1. Юлия, это конечно условно, мне просто захотелось собрать вместе цвета осени:) А краски у меня в основном W&N, из Daniel Smith только серия Prima Tek

  5. What a beauty of a painting! I love the colour you've used, the lost and found edges and the sheer beauty of your work!

  6. Love the colours Maria, a beautiful painting. Would like to see more of the pumpkin?