Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter dreams

Dear Universe,

Please get me to a cozy cabin in the snowy alpine forest. I will put on a fair isle sweater and arrange outdoor lanterns for a dreamy look. I will play with snow like a child, taking cute pictures for my Instagram at the same time, and maybe even make a snowman. After that I'll surely go for some skating (did I mention there have to be a beautifully illuminated skating rink next to the cabin?). And when the late evening comes, it will be nice to sit back by the fireplace with a sketchbook and a mug of steaming hot chocolate, watching snow fall (don't forget the snowfall, it's important) and painting some winter scenes.

Next morning I might want a good ride downhill. FYI, I've never tried snowboarding, only skiing. As you can imagine, it would be a great chance to finally fill in this gap and step on the board. So get me one, too.

Thank you in advance, Universe, I promise to be a good girl:)
Sincerely yours, me.


  1. Las acuarelas son tan hermosas como tus deseos, disfrútalos!

  2. Maria, what an adorable post! Just come to Michigan and you can have it all. We ARE the winter wonderland! and we are living up to that name this year.

    1. Thank you, Margie! Hope to see it someday:)

  3. Also, I love how you capture snow in your paintings!

  4. Preciosas acuarelas frescas y armoniosas. Felicidades!!!!!!!!!

  5. Winter dreaming. May I join you for a nice hot wine.

  6. I dream with you of the nice cosy cabin, the fresh air in the snowy landscape. Lovely waterpaintings!