Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cherry Turnovers

I've been meaning to try Hahnemuhle Leonardo watercolor paper for ages, but kept putting it off, because it wasn't available at my favorite art supply stores. So finally I ordered it on Amazon, and the paper came to me all the way from Europe. It was my first time painting on such a heavyweight (280lb) paper, and I totally loved it!

Showing you only one turnover, since I couldn't help but bite the half of a second one before I started painting it:) Also, this yummy watercolor is available on my Etsy shop.


  1. I love the light in this painting. It has the feel of being out on the porch on a sunny morning. Lovely work.
    Happy Turnover!

  2. Una lograda ambientación en esta acuarela, dan ganas de sentarse a comer esa merienda.

  3. Ok you did really good work here. I doubt this was your first painting, It looks like made by someone who had hands on experience in painting.